I saw her from my side

stared at her for hours

little did I know that she was the light of my thoughts

she fluttered, she swirled, she smiled

I felt alive in that moment,

I had forgotten myself,

her face appeared in my dreams

making my passion become reality as I looked forward in achieving it

yes, she was my first love, my soul mate

she was hope…



life turns me down
when I want to go up the stream
to fulfill my dream with gleam
don’t know what to do
without a clue
need to find out
otherwise I have to drop out
I don’t know what I feel
about this deal
cant help myself without a friend
who will be godsend
when ever I need
will come without any greed
don’t know when
will this begin
can’t wait
to see my friend mate
without any hate


It’s the matter of change,

Change is what brings us, makes us and develop us

yet we are not ready to accept it

why is it so that we judge people,

we judge them on their color, clothes, culture

we judge them on their religion …

why don’t we see that we all are the same

yet different in their own unique way,

everyone has a dream, a love, a passion and a life

our perspectives can change, the way we look at people can change

we together can make this world more beautiful

all the disputes, anger and riots can be resolved

just by accepting the different yet same world around us

I am not emphasizing on the change,

I am emphasizing on the acceptance of this change, ‘

everyone has the right to live happily

so let’s not judge them or disregard them

we together can make this world an extremely joyful place

let’s be friends, let’s be the hope and let’s shine cooperatively …

I know that you might have a different perspective than what I have

And I am not telling to accept my perspective,

you are wonderful and beautiful too and let’s just listen to everyone and their perspectives, let’s be more accepting …